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WELDPRO Digital TIG 200GD Review – Why It Is Perfect TIG Unit?

Last updated on November 20th, 2023

Do you prefer TIG welders but are concerned about their high costs? Today we have brought an amazing unit that is the first choice of fabricators, amateurs, and professionals. Above all, it’s a great welding tool that’s inexpensive for most guys. This is a device from Weldpro, a company that makes outstanding welding gear and other products.

weldpro digital tig 200gd review

We have conducted the weldpro digital tig 200gd review which covers some basic aspects such as welding capability, performance, durability, and expert feedback. It’s essential to mention that it’s not made for industrial and heavy operations but fits the bill for shops, DIYers, and other projects. Below is the detailed explanation of specs, efficiency, and our analysis.

Technical Aspects

Welder TIG, Stick
Input voltage 110/220 V
Output Amperage 5 – 200A for TIG
20 – 280A for Stick
Duty Cycle 60% @ 200 A (240V, AC TIG)

40% @ 200 A (240V, DC TIG)

TIG Amps Range 5 – 200A
Pre Flow ( S ) 0.1 – 1
Up Slope Time 0 – 10
AC Frequency 40 – 200 Hz
Pulse Frequency 0.5 – 200 Hz
Arc Start HF Start
Post Flow ( S ) 0 – 15
Weldable Materials Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze
Arc Start HF Start
Technology  Square Wave
Transformer Technology IGBT Inverters



Simple Front Panel

weldprp tig 200gd control panel

The control panel is extremely impressive and allows users to quickly adjust the settings without creating any confusion. The most interesting and positive point is that the display shows the values of amperage and other rates.

weldpro tig 200 gd front panel

The indicator lights and buttons show the different settings. Users may be puzzled at first by the menu options, but you’ll find it convenient after that.

AC Output

Tig machines can quickly and efficiently make stunning welds on aluminum. But to do so, you need ac output for aluminum. With the digital tig 200gd, you are allowed to weld even thin aluminum metals. Overall, this welder is considered the best for aluminum after Eastwood tig 200.

Dual Input

When working outdoors or in areas where a 220v outlet is not available, the dual input power helps a lot. You can also use a 110v outlet for welding. A 220-to-110-volt adaptor is also included in the package.

2T/4T Modes

These modes help a lot during the welding process. The 4T mode helps in the long run. Press and release the torch trigger before initiating the arc, and when the process is completed, again press and release the trigger to stop.

The 2T mode is for short welds and is a typical mode of operation. Press the trigger to start welding and hold it for the complete weld, and release the trigger to stop.

Foot Pedal

Most workers and users like the rocker-style foot pedal of digital tig 200gd. Within this price bracket, it’s much better than many foot pedals that are offered by other tig welders.


The manufacturers are offering a CK17 Superflex torch. The torch is coming from a well-known brand, so don’t worry about the quality and reliability. Moreover, the torch has a Superflex hose that allows you to freely move the torch in tough positions.


The versatile welder allows you to use the stick welding function while welding thick materials. The electrode stick holder is included in the package.

Some Drawbacks

Every machine has some pros and cons, and below are some of its downsides according to us.

  • The welder does not include any welding chart, which might be challenging for beginners.
  • There is no guidance on how to use the generator with a welder. We don’t know if this welder can be powered by a generator. Although a few say that a welder can run on a generator but most users are unsure of this.

Our Experience

This machine was purchased in February 2020 for use in our lab and aluminum projects. Overall, it’s been a great experience, and everything is still running smoothly. The 60 percent duty cycle while ac tig welding at full amperage is impressive. We have welded ⅜” thin aluminum metals and stainless steel for fabricating components. Here is the result of just one metal for you.

weldpro digital tig 200gd weld result

The adjustable pulse setting, AC frequency, and duty cycle make it perfect for aluminum welding. Those who are not good at tig aluminum welding should read our article. The front panel is stunning and all added accessories are of high quality. This welding machine contains all of the specifications and features that any welding machine should have.

What sets it apart from other competitors?

On paper, it outperforms the Ahp 203XI, but Primeweld TIG 225X is a formidable competitor. The design and arrangement of the front panel are outstanding. It comes with full tig welding capabilities to help you weld any material including brass. The duty cycle, capacity to weld in long runs due to 4T mode, ability to work on 110v outlets, precise welds, and quality accessories included in the package are the primary features that set it apart from competing machines.

What We Like
  • Dual input power
  • Digital display
  • Featured packed
  • Square wave technology
  • HF start
  • Switch on torch
  • Precise pedal
  • Stick mode
  • 3 years warranty
What We Don’t Like
  •  Can only use argon gas
  • No settings chart
  • No guidance on generator use
  • Water-cooled torch option is not included

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Weldpro a good brand?

It’s a USA-based brand that makes welding machines and accessories. Weldpro has a list of satisfied and happy clients and you can notice this with their positive reviews.

Q2. Can we use digital tig 200gd for aluminum welding?

This equipment may be used for a variety of aluminum tasks and projects. With full efficiency, the device can weld thinner aluminum metals.

Q3. What is the best alternative of it?

Everyone has their own opinions but Primeweld TIG 225X can be a good alternative as per our experience. You can read Primeweld tig 225x review for more clarifications.

Last Words

The weldpro digital tig 200gd review is for those who are thinking about purchasing the best welder. It’s an economical choice if you don’t have enough budget for any industrial unit. This device is the first choice of auto restorers, farmers, DIYers, and hobbyists. Pls comment down your issues and queries.

Josh Rogers

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