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Basic Welding Tools list for Beginners

Welding is a process in which metals are joined by producing heat. There are many welding types, but four are the most common and in-demand types. Welding is much easier if you follow proper Sops, guidelines, and keep necessary tools with yourself.

In this guide, I’ve compiled a welding tools list, especially for beginners that will surely help them to start work in safe mode. Why are tools necessary in welding? Because you’ll work in tough conditions such as heat, fumes, and welding flash with a lot of components.

Welding Tools List


Essential Welding Accessories List

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Welding Helmet

In so many sparks and flames, a helmet is essential to protect your face and eyesight. It prevents your skin from the heat.

These auto-darkening helmets have the feature to protect your eyes from high lightning rays. The glass at the front only allows the eyes to see the filtered amount of light that’s not harmful.

Welding Gloves

Welding Gloves

Today’s gloves are built with quality material and stitching, and these protect your hand and arms from high-temperature sparks and spatters. Always buy a glove that consists of two or three layers of fabrics and Kevlar stitching.

There are mostly two types of gloves in welding:

Tig Welding gloves: Dexterity is the key in Tig gloves. Overall, these are flexible and thinner, which helps in easy movement and a strong grip on the torch and rod.

Mig welding gloves: To protect your hand, these are usually thicker and feature padding on the back.

Welding Magnets

Welding Magnets

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, it does not matter, but a magnet should be in your kit. You’ll find it very useful when joining different metals, and it will strongly hold the pieces of metal at a specific angle which allows you to weld metal precisely.

Although clamps do the same, it doesn’t allow freely welding of workpieces like magnets.

Metal Brush

The chipping hammer removes the slag upon hitting, and the metal brush erases the charring and slag from cooled weld metals and makes it clean and shining. If you’re not using a hammer, use the brush.


Welding Pliers

Pliers are best for eliminating nozzles from welding guns. You can tighten or loosen the contact tip, as well as wipe off the weld spatter.

These are often used for picking hot metals, and you can also use them as a clamp. They are cheap and easily available at welding stores and online.

Speed Square

An essential tool whether you’re working on furniture or welding. It is simple to determine the length of the workpiece and the angle of cut. By this, you can quickly set the metals to 45 to 90 degrees. If you’re unaware of this, you can’t survive long in welding.


grinder: important tool in welding

Another important tool for professional welders. How will you cut metal? Obviously, with the help of a grinder. You can easily cut anything with the angle grinder, like metal sheets, metal bars, and small pieces.

To avoid porosity and metal cracking, you can clean the piece before starting the weld. Although it can be done manually with a brush but grinder will save your time. One more thing, for removing slag, for excellent finish, and more cleaning, you can also use it.

Chipping Hammer

As you all know, slag remains condense in stick or Mig welding, so we use a hammer to eliminate the slag. With rounded flat sides and pointer sides, they are best for any kind of slag.

Metal File

Many use sandpaper instead of a metal file but it is worth more than sandpaper. It is used to rescue sharp edges at the metal, and it’s commonly used in all kinds of metal projects. Moreover, you can make the weld shine by this.

Welding Boots

welding boots

The percentage of work-related foot injuries will astound you. According to the U.S department of labor, 30% of disabilities are because of foot injuries.

So, wear the welding boots for your safety, and they secure you from molten metal and any other defect. There are many quality boots available at hardware stores as well as online stores.

Safety Glasses

A pair of glasses must be in your kit if you don’t have a helmet. These plastic-made glasses prevent your eyes from sparks and little elements of grinder that can fly into your eyes.

Welding Cart

Although it’s not very necessary but helpful for moving tools like gas tanks, accessories, and many other things, you can quickly move all objects.

C Clamp

C Clamp for Welding

It’s called a C clamp because of the C-type shape. The hard metals can be pressed from both above and below, and they are widely used in every outdoor project. Another thing is that you can strongly hold any hot metal during welding.

Sheet Metal Gauge

sheet metal gauge for welding

Measuring the thickness of any metal sheet is a bit tough. You can do this by measuring tape, but it isn’t easy. So, the best solution is a sheet metal gauge. It’s a wheel-like shape with teeth spaced, and you can quickly determine the thickness of metal by this.

Welding Jacket

These are made up of fire and heat-resistant material that will prevent you from high heat welding sparks and fire.

Marking Tools

For cutting metal at a specific point, you can use the markers like soapstone, permanent marker, scribers, etc. Usage of all these tools in an appropriate way can help you to get perfect welds without diving into a discussion about good vs bad weld.

FAQs About Welding Tools List

Which welding is the strongest among all welding methods?
Tungsten inert gas welding is the most strong welding in the world, with precise and clean results.
Which is the cheapest welding?
Flux core welding is known as inexpensive welding, and it does not require high-level skills and other complex settings.
Can we opt for welding as a full-time career?
Yes, the world is facing a shortage of skilled workers, and it’s the right time to choose welding as a full-time career.

Bottom Line

These are the most common tools in welding that are used globally. Further, you can perform any task with these gadgets. This welding tools list for beginners and professionals contains all the necessary stuff, so arrange all this in your garage or shop. Those who don’t have this stuff can pick it up from any local store.

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