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TIG Vs MIG Welding | Difference & Which is Better?

Last updated on June 22nd, 2022

Different welding techniques are used for metal joints, but the most common are Mig and Tig. Both are arc welding processes, the only difference is in technique. Both approaches’ users argue that their method is superior, but both are perfect in their use.

Weld bead’s accuracy and precision are a sign of a skilled welder. Improper use of any method in welding results in failure. We’ve discussed the dissimilarities between both ways and when to use them. It will undoubtedly help to determine which one is most suited to you.

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TIG vs MIG Welding Difference

During the TIG welding, an arc initiates between the metal and non-consumable tungsten electrodes. A weld pool is formed when an arc touches the workpiece. The inert shielding gas (argon) protects the weld pool and tungsten electrode from atmospheric grime.


In the Mig welding, an electric arc floats between a consumable electrode and the workpiece that heats the metal, forcing them to melt and join. A shielding gas(carbon dioxide) coming from a welding gun secures the process from air contaminants.

Tig vs Mig Welding


Instead of its weld quality, Tig is much slower than metal arc welding. Another reason is due to manually feeding filler wire into a molten weld pool.

In this method, heat is centered on a small area of metal that creates deeper penetration and slows the overall process.

A gun is used for Mig welding that runs continuously and completes the weld quickly. It allows workers to complete projects in a shorter time frame for industrial projects due to its continuous welds.


In a comparison of TIG vs MIG welding, creativity is an important factor and it depends upon the reliability of welding process, welding methods support him to weld workpieces more precisely.

TIG welding Creativity

Beads drawn through tig welding are more attractive and artful due to their deep penetration and cleaning. Spatters are almost non-existent through this process. So, for artsy welds, the GTAW is preferable. You may also check the difference between flux core vs mig welding.

Whereas the metal inert gas welding process is better in speed but lacks in creativeness. The spatters make it difficult for users to finish the product beautifully. I have seen many experienced mig welders that were struggling to draw eye-catching finishes.

Fisher Sculpture with MIG Welding

Filler Wire

We often manually dip filler wire into a weld pool in tig welding, which is a complex and slower process. In mig welding, filler wire is fed by the spool wire of the machine. It’s a straightforward process.

Quality of Weld

The Tig process has a deeper penetration that results in solid joints of metal. Spatters and holes on the workpiece are almost non-existent. The precision and accuracy of the welds produced by this method are incredible.

Welds through Mig welding are strong but are not perfect. Spatters and sometimes tiny holes on welding joints decrease its quality. A few years back, I welded a fuel tank, and a few days later, it was leaking because of tiny holes in the joints.

Difficulty level

Tig is a complex and tricky process. Focus and concentration are much needed in this process. Much practice and skill are required to complete any project.

TIG Torch

Whereas the MIG process is easy to use, even beginners can quickly go through metal inert gas welding.

MIG Torch


We can weld almost every metal through both processes, but we can’t weld aluminum with the Dc output of tig. Ac output is required for aluminum welding. Tig is best for stainless steel, aluminum, brass, magnesium, and chrome.

Mig can also weld aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, silicon bronze, and magnesium.


When it comes to expenditures, Tig welding is costly due to expensive units, additional components, and pricey inert shielding gas(argon).
Mig welding is speedy and low cost due to its parts availability and inexpensive shielding gas(carbon dioxide).

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

What We Like
  • Great penetration
  • Ideal for aluminum
  • Attractive beads
  • Excellent for thin metals
  • Minor finishing
What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive
  • Manually filler wire
  • Need more practice to learn

Metal Inert Gas Welding

What We Like
  • Faster
  • Automatic filler wire
  • Easy to learn
  • Less expensive
What We Don’t Like
  • Low weld quality
  • Less penetration
  • Less creative

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more preferable for aluminum welding?
I use GTAW for aluminum welding because it performs well on these metals. It also has ability to weld thin metals without harming them.
Can I learn Mig welding without going to training school?
Yes, it’s quiet easy and you can learn by your own with little bit practice at home or shop.
Is welding harmful for health especially eyes?
It can be dangerous to your body if you ignore safety precautions and basic guidelines. Use welding helmet, wear boot, and gloves to avoid any issue. You will feel pain in your eyes, if you look at welding arc without helmet or glasses.


In this discussion, difference between MIG vs TIG welding is explained precisely and according to me, both methods have pros and cons. Like one is faster and other is slower, one is stronger other is weaker so, I can’t say one is better than other. Both has their importance on different platforms.

Josh Rogers

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