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Primeweld TIG 225X Review 2023 | Most Popular Welder

Last updated on November 20th, 2023

Do you know about the machine that has shattered all prior popularity and sales records in a short period of time? Obviously, it’s the Primeweld 225X welding unit that was launched in April 2018, and till now, it’s the first choice of professionals and hobbyists.

The 225X is a wonderful option if you want a welder that looks and feels beautiful but won’t break the bank. It’s a stylish-looking welder with lots of nifty features such as dual input power, rocker-style pedal, water cooling option, and control over welding cycle, but it’s not very suitable for industrial usage due to the low duty cycle.

Primeweld TIG 225X Review

The Primeweld TIG 225X review includes a detailed overview of its features and performance according to my experience. It has posed a serious challenge to its top competitors, such as Eastwood TIG 200 and Weldpro 200gd, with its extensive feature set at an affordable price.

It was the best seller in 2022 and it will be in 2023.

Technical Specifications

Welding Process TIG, Stick
Input Voltage 120/240
Duty Cycle (TIG) 40% @ max (120V & 240V)
100% @ 108A (120V)
100% @ 155A (240V, AC TIG)
Duty Cycle (Stick) 40% @ max (120V & 240V)
100% @ 76A (120V)
100% @ 139A (240V, AC TIG)
Output Amperage (TIG) 20 – 140A (120V)
20 – 225A (240V)
Power Factor 0.73
Inverter Type IGBT
Stock Thickness 1/16 – 1/4 Aluminum

1/16 – 3/8 Steel

Foot Pedal Rocker Style
Trigger Switch on Torch Yes
Welding Current 10A – 225A
Weight 18.5 Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 27.76 x 11.80 x 22.24 inches
Arc Start High Frequency Start
Power Factor 0.73
Warranty Three Years


My Experience

Firstly, I would like to share our experience. It was introduced in April 2018, and I bought it in Jan 2019. I was excited to get my hands on Primeweld 225x, mostly because of its exciting features. Having never used a welder with such high-level technical aspects, I was disappointed with the result at the start, but after proper setting, results were fantastic, and till now, I’m in love with 225X.

One of my team member which is an expert MIG welder, bought it recently on my recommendation to start TIG welding, and he is surprised with the results and features. I strongly believe that this machine is better than $6k welding unit.

Here are its few results that we captured in our lab which may help you.

Primeweld tig 225x welding result on aluminum
Result on aluminum pieces after proper settings and adjustment
Primeweld tig 225x result after review
Some pieces are welded by Primeweld TIG 225X

Key Features

Design and Layout

With a 22.24-inch height and 11.80-inch width, the 225X offers accurate red color knobs of every function. The front panel includes a current digital display at the top left. Every feature is mentioned below the knob. Check the above video for more details about its design and control panel.

Primeweld TIG 225X Setting

The settings appear complicated at first, but you’ll find them helpful when working. The curved front panel edges give it a pro-end impression that considering it a mid-range welder, adds an advantage.

The machine has a rod on the top for picking and moving it around. Its design increases the stability during welding.


We welders prefer versatile machines when it comes to welding. A unit that can use 120 and 240v outlets is perfect for welding activities. This product includes a dual input power feature with an adapter that can convert 240v into 120v.

According to welding instructor Ben Jones – Primeweld TIG 225x is a diamond like product.

Stick Welding

For quick welds or those welds that don’t need to look clean, you also get a stick feature for it. If you are doing a lot of structural steel, you can run quite a bit faster running stick sometimes, so it’s nice option to have that option.

On a dirty surface, Stick is more flexible than TIG.

CK Torch

Primeweld 225x Torch

Wow!!! A brand with branded accessories. Ck is well-known for making quality torches. It can be so expensive if you buy it separately for a unit, but Primeweld offers this at such a low price bracket.

It’s not the end; you’ll also get a Superflex hose. You can bend the top up and down to get in places that might be difficult to reach.

I hope you will see how simple it is welding using a flexible hose. The super flex cable is best selling point for me. Remember, the consumables that come with the torch are not CK branded. Give a look to Best TIG Torch for more options.

Foot Pedal

The amazing point is that it includes a standard nova foot pedal. The pedal precisely and swiftly adjusts the heat. A lot of companies compromise in this price range really skimp on quality of pedal.

Primeweld TIG 225X Foot Pedal

You can put your whole foot on here and as I’ve used this over the last three years, I have noticed how well this grip tape on top works to keep my foot planted and can even scoot it around a little bit and just rock my foot forward and back and have really nice control. The common complaint about this pedal is that it crawls when used.

AC Balance

This feature helps you to set the balance between cleaning and penetration of your weld. When welding aluminum, more control means more accurate welds, and AC balance gives you excellent control.

Duty Cycle

For TIG, the duty cycle is quite impressive. It’s 40% at maximum amperes for 120 and 240v, and it varies on different amperes. The below picture is enough for your all confusions about duty cycle.

Primeweld Tig 225x duty cycle

Water Cooling

In the long run, the torch gets hot. You can install the water-cooled torch to avoid any damage and burning.

Price and Warranty

The most exciting and surprising thing is that its price is affordable for everyone with such features. I have not seen any unit with these features at such a reasonable price, and three years warranty makes it the first choice of metal workers, especially beginners who are afraid of buying a high-value product at the start.

It is the only TIG welder with more than 90% Positive feedback on Amazon.

Additional Features

These essential but beneficial factors enhance the performance during work. All of these characteristics are sufficient to place this machine among the top TIG welders.

Primeweld 225X Front Panel

HF Start

This type of arc start initiates the arc without even touching the metal. Only professional units have this option.

Finger Switch

The company included a finger switch which will be pretty handy for when you’re not sitting at a bench or working around any vehicle. You will be able to ignite your torch just using the push button instead of using foot pedal.

Pulse Mode

The Pulse feature protects your metal from burning and you get better weld quality. It’s quite helpful in welding thin metals such as aluminum and thin parts of stainless steel.

Control of Welding Cycle

This includes slope up and down controls, ac balance, pre and post gas flow, pulse control, and much more. These all will help you for better control over the welding process. Suppose you are welding aluminum, if you adjust these all settings according to metal then you will get clean and neat bead.

2T & 4T Option

For a long run or out-of-position welding, 4t is the best option. Set the trigger and start working without holding the trigger.

  • Simple Design
  • Runs on 120 & 240 Volts
  • Watercooler Option
  • Base current control
  • High frequency start
  • Standard nova foot pedal
  • Finger switch on torch
  • Loaded with accessories
  • Affordable price
  • Thousands of satisfied users
  • So many knobs can confuse newbies
  • Heavy
  • No guidelines that how we can operate it with a generator

Primeweld TIG225X Problems:

Nothing is perfect. Every product has some pros and flaws so here are its few issues as observed:


Although it has a rod on the top that makes it portable, but this medium-sized unit is not lightweight. It weighs 18.5 kg, so you need a welding cart to move it for a long distance.

Front Panel

Every function is properly mentioned in the control panel, but a lot of knobs might confuse newbies. A digital display, rather than knobs, maybe a superior option.

No Guidance on Generator

Primeweld has not mentioned whether this unit can run on a generator or not. A few experts claimed to have utilized this with a generator, but I have not tried yet and will not recommend you to try without any experience or knowledge.

Customers Feedback

Buyer feedback can promote or demote the company’s business but help others how this item performs in daily life. You will notice that the product has more than 90% highly satisfied customers.

Primeweld tig 225x review
A highly satisfied buyer
Primweld 225x review
Beginner’s Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who makes Primeweld Welders?

Primeweld machines are made in China and then shipped to the U.S. Most welders only buy American products, and I think we should consider the machine’s performance, features, and price. Primeweld products including TIG, MIG, and plasma cutters are at the top in the current market.

Q2. Is it possible to connect a water cooler to it?

Yes, you can attach a water-cooled torch to the welder in order to protect the torch from burning or any damage.

Q3. Does it come with a warranty?

It offers three years warranty plus 24/7 free technical support to its customers.

Why Purchase Primeweled 225X TIG Welder in 2023?

If you’re looking for a mid-range TIG welder with a good weld result, stylish looks, and excellent durability, the Primeweld 225X is a good option. You can use this on 120v and 240v with complete control on the weld. In short, you get quality accessories in the package. The primary purpose of the Primeweld TIG 225X review was to explain its sassy aspects to you.

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