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Can You MIG Weld without Gas? | How to Use Welder for it?

Last updated on May 27th, 2022

Welding is classified into many procedures and some of them are easy while others are challenging and tough to operate. MIG welding is also considered an easy and simple process with a lot of features and uses. Usually, argon gas is used for shielding the weld, but most users ask, is the mig welding without gas possible?

The answer is yes and you need some other components such as a flux-cored wire to proceed. It’s very close to the mig electrode and, obviously, it’s consumable. Although it makes the welding process much easy especially for beginners, you’ll be unable to work on big projects because they need gas. If you’re a newbie, firstly, you need to learn what’s mig welding?

mig welding without gas is possible


Do GMAW really require gas?

Mig welding is known for using inert gas through its system. Gas is required for the shielding and the gas that’s used in the process protects the molten welding pool from atmospheric gases. No doubt, it enhances the weld performance as well as adds more cleaning to the weld. We will further add that four types of gases are used for mig welding such as helium, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and argon. You may check the best gas for mig welding for more information.

Can you mig weld without gas?

our result on metal during testing and without using any shield gas

Yes, it’s possible to weld without gas. Basically, the flux core wire that’s used, converts the flux into the gas to melt a wire. The gas is released through this method which avoids the usage of external gas cylinders. Flux core wire that’s made with steel and carbon offers durability and allows users to finish the work despite the fact that airborne contaminants exist. Here is our result and we haven’t used any type of gas for it.

Mostly, novices and learners prefer gasless welding because of several reasons. This process doesn’t involve much complexity and works better for light-duty tasks. The gasless machines are also budget-friendly and widely available. You may check the top 110v mig welders that are gasless and favorite users’ choices.

How to use mig welder without gas?

The method involves a few steps and some of them should be taken before starting the welding.

Clean the metal

Whether it’s tig or mig welding, cleaning the metal is a crucial process to get better results. Flux core mig welding can work with dirty workpieces, but it would be better to obtain more fantastic outcomes. It’s an easy process and the brush or grind can quickly clean it.

Safety Precautions

Failing to handle the flux core wire will result in damage to the wire. So, use welding gloves and helmets because it produces dangerous flashing sparks and fumes. All other safety measures should be taken by users.

Do Proper Settings

Before starting, adjust the settings such as amperes and input voltage. Carefully use the control panel to set all measures. Amperes depend on the thickness size of metals but parameters would be the same because gasless units often weld ⅛” to 3/16” size metals.

Input Power

Here comes an important factor that always confuses the welders, especially beginners. Remember the simple formula that thick materials need more current and thin sheets require a low amount of current because more heat can burn thin pieces.

Wire Feed Speed

Set the wire feed carefully because high speed can affect the metal and sometimes result in the burning of the metal. Wire speed also controls the weld penetration and amperes. Also, check the manual for more info.

These are the few important points to help you throughout the process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of mig welding without gas

  • Flexible & easy process
  • Easy to operate
  • Perfect for outdoor tasks
  • Cost friendly
  • No gas cylinders
  • Ideal for starters
  • Excellent results on thick materials
  • Can’t weld every metal
  • Not for indoor welding
  • Produce much fume
  • Need more focus & attention


Q1. Is gasless welding offer more opportunities?

No, it doesn’t provide more opportunities because of its limitations. It’s not suitable for heavy projects and indoor operations can’t be performed with it.

Q2. What should be the current value when welding without gas?

The current value should be according to material size. If the metal is thick, you need to operate it at high amps and similarly, low amperes for thin metals are suggested.


In this article, we’ve learned that mig welding without gas is possible and you need flux-cored wire for it. This wire act as a shielding wire and converts itself into gas to melt the wire. With the correct setting, welding components, and a good welder, you’ll achieve excellent results.

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