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Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review | An Unbiased Analysis

Last updated on November 20th, 2023

Every metal worker and welding professional wants an affordable and powerful TIG welding unit that should be lightweight and meets the modern welding requirements. As expected, some welding units especially tig units exist that are full of features according to the modern era. The Lincoln company is at the top because it has produced amazing welding machines and accessories.

Lincoln Square wave unit

We have selected the best lincoln welder for those who ask about an ideal machine. Here is the complete and precise lincoln square wave 200 review. The notable feature is that it’s highly adjustable for different materials such as mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Although square wave 200 is more expensive than many tig units, but it provides stunning features that make it best for challenging welding tasks on several metals.


Technical Aspects

Welder Type  TIG & Stick
Input Voltage 110v/220v
Output Amperes 10-200A
Duty Cycle  25%
Weldable Metals Aluminum, Steel
Weld Thickness 24 Gauge, 3/16 inch
Technology Square Wave
Pre/Post Gas Flow Fixed
Arc Start High Frequency
Weight  46.5 lbs
Pulse Feature Yes
Warranty 3 Years
Country USA

Lincoln Square Wave 200 Features

Front Panel

The control or front panel is perfectly designed with a number of advanced features. Instead of complex controls, it has easy-to-use controls for everyone. All settings and buttons are easy to figure out. The knob is used to change the current whereas the digital display shows the current and other values.

Lincoln square wave 200 welding setting

The options located with the knob are to change the welding functions such as Ac TIG, Dc TIG, and stick welding.

AC functions

From here, you can change the ac settings such as pulse, frequency, and AC balance.

TIG/Stick Mode

A versatile welding machine can be a good option because it offers different attributes at the same spot. If users feel that shielding gas is not effective on some metals, especially on thicker metals or when working outdoors, they can use the stick and tig function from the same power source.

Settings for Aluminum

In our view, it has the best tig welding aluminum settings than the Primeweld Tig 225X and Ahp Alphatig 203XI. When welding on thin aluminum sheets, the high-frequency start will adjust the arc according to the weld position and size.

Because of cleaning options and other settings, welders will get strong and clean welds on aluminum projects. For more control, use the pulse and minimize the metal distortion.

AC Balance

Alternating current balance is for better control of weld. This unit offers a range of 60%-90% EN. When you need a great penetration and a narrow bead, use the high electrode negative. On thin metals, you need more cleaning action and wide beads, so a low percentage of electrode negative is suggested on this machine.

High-Frequency Arc Start

The dual-voltage unit uses the most advanced starting approach. The hf arc start initiates the arc without making contact with the metal.

Duty Cycle

Some users say that the duty cycle is too low, so why should they buy it? No doubt, the duty cycle is low and no one likes the 25% duty cycle, but don’t forget that it’s at 200A on 230V. Another reason is that it’s not an industrial or high-level production welder, so this duty cycle is quite effective for fabricators, DIYers, welding instructors, and hobbyists.

Welding Materials

The prominent element is that it can weld several materials including thick and thin metals. Users can weld every type of steel, aluminum workpiece, and chrome. Moreover, outdoor welding on thick metals is possible with a stick welding feature.

Pulse Feature

Oh my goodness, I was about to miss an important element of this unit. Here is the pulse function that sets the welding rhythm for filler metal deposition and enhances the welding speed as well as quality.

Lincoln Square Wave 200 Performance

The features are described above, and here is a summary of the performance. As you are well aware, specifications do not define machine quality; performance does. Firstly, we checked its ac welding performance on thin aluminum metal. During testing, the current was between 25-30A, the frequency was set at 120Hz, and 73% AC balance.

Its results are awesome and impressive. The cleaning action and its distance are incredible. The penetration is also fine without any issue. This indicates the difference between the top-level and third-class machines. The below image is the result of welding on thin aluminum metal.

Lincoln square wave 200 result on thin aluminum

Here is another result on 0.25 inches of aluminum metal, and all settings are the same except amperage is increased to 200A. The photo below clearly explains the shininess and cleanliness of the weld. During testing, the 3/32 tungsten electrode was used.

Lincoln square wave 200 review result on quarter aluminum metal


Every machine has some upsides and downsides. We have been using this machine for so long, so we have found some minor issues with it. There should be a trigger switch on the torch that supports workers in the long and short run. Another issue is, that the starting arc is very powerful and quickly burns nearby any electronic gadget. The last one is the fixed pre/post gas flow, it should be adjustable.

Key features

  • Multi Process Machine
  • Made in USA
  • Lightweight Welder
  • Smooth Welding
  • AC Frequency Control
  • 3 Years Warranty
What We Like
  • Reliable & quality product
  • Can weld several metals
  • Dual Voltage
  • Professional level foot pedal
  • More cleaning action
  • Digital display
  • TIG/Stick Mode
  • Best for aluminum
  • Coming from a well-reputed brand
  • Long warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • Costly
  • Fixed pre/post gas flow control
  • Some users are not happy with over 25% duty cycle
  • Starting arc is very strong

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we use lincoln square wave 200 for tig aluminum welding?

Yes, lincoln 200 is considered best for aluminum tig welding and it offers the complete settings that help to achieve top-quality welds on thin aluminum sheets.

Q2. Why is it so expensive?

The quality comes at a price and the Lincoln brand is well-known for making high-class welding machines. It’s a completely versatile machine with unique features. Furthermore, they have millions of satisfied and happy users in the USA and Europe, so their prices are always high as compared to others in the market.

Q3. Can I use it for industrial and production purposes?

The welder is not designed for high-level tasks but it will satisfy you in routine tasks such as repairing, fabrication, and home projects.

Last Words

Lincoln 200 gives the true value of the money and it’s purely the best hobbyist welder with plenty of features. The machine has the ability to do welding on almost every metal, which you can’t find in all machines. We hope that the Lincoln square wave 200 review will assist you to finalize your decision about it.

Josh Rogers

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