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How Much Does a TIG Welder Make a Year? TIG Welders Salaries

TIG welding is one of the most precise and versatile welding processes that is used across various industries like aerospace, automotive, and fabrication.

TIG welders work on the highest quality projects and with utmost precision, which requires both skill and experience. So, one can call them superheroes of the welding industry.

But do you know how much they actually make? Well, TIG welding is a promising and lucrative career and many people are interested to inquire about the wages of a TIG welder.

So, I decided to write a detailed post that will help you find out how much exactly a TIG welder makes and how much you can make as a TIG welder.



Factors Affecting a TIG Welders Paycheck

Before we dive into the numbers, let’s discuss the factors that can influence the salary of a TIG welder.

1. Experience and Skill Level

Just like any other professional, experience and skill level will directly determine the salary of a TIG welder.

Beginners and entry-level TIG welders will earn much less compared to experienced professionals in the field.

Obviously, as a welder gains more experience and honed their skills, they become more valuable to employers. They are able to take on more complex projects and deliver better results both in terms of quality and appearance.

So, they have the right to demand higher wages and they do so. Hence, there is a lot of potential for a TIG welder to earn more as he develops skills and gains more experience.

2. Location and Cost of Living

The geographical location is also a main determiner of how much a TIG welder makes. In big cities and urban centers, wages tend to be higher.

So, if you are a skillful welder working in a big city, you will be making a lot more as an hourly wage compared to if you were working in a town or countryside.

However, that is not necessarily always true. The cost of living also plays a crucial role and impacts the earnings of a TIG welder.

Earning a high salary in a big city might not translate to a better quality of life because the cost of living in a big city is also higher. So, the net income of the welder after paying rent and other expenses might not be much.

3. Industry and Employer

TIG welding is used in a wide range of industries that offer various salary ranges. Some of these industries require more skill and higher precision while others are more generalized.

So, the former will have higher salary packages because of the specialized nature of work.

Larger industries like the aerospace or automotive industry have more resources and may provide better compensation packages including additional benefits to a basic salary and more options for increments and promotions.

Hence, the overall salary and wages greatly vary with respect to various industries.

4. Certification and Education

Specialized education, training programs, and certification can boost your salary potential. You can add them to your resume which will add a significant boost and you can demand higher per-hour wages.

Certifications from organizations such as the American Welding Society (AWS) are highly valued in the welding industry and can help you lead to a better job and increased salary.

Adding to this, pursuing special training programs can help you learn more about TIG welding and specialized techniques that can help you increase productivity and become better than your competitors.

5. Overtime and Additional Work

The overall salary of a TIG welder isn’t entirely on one project. They can have additional projects or may work overtime to increase the prospects of their income.

By working on additional projects, TIG welders can significantly increase their overall income. Employers often offer performance-based bonuses or even allow the pro-level welders a share in the profit.

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How Much Does a TIG Welder Make?—Average Earnings

Earnings of TIG welders can vary greatly, but an average can be calculated based on the statistics available on various platforms.

Let’s break it down.

The Hourly Rate

On average, the hourly rate of a TIG welder varies between $14 and $22. However, some specialized TIG welders might make higher hourly wages based on several factors.

TIG Welder’s Daily Wage

Similarly, the daily wage of a TIG welder also varies depending on various factors that we have just discussed. However, on average, a welder skilled in this field can easily make $80-$120 in a day.

What About A Month?

When we take a look at the monthly earnings, they can make about $2,400 to $3,600. They can take on several projects and work overtime to increase this pay significantly.

A Year in Life of a TIG Welder?

Based on the above-average rates, it won’t be much to say that a TIG welder would easily make around $30,000 to $60,000 per year. Once again the figure is not fixed and can vary depending on several factors.

Average TIG Welders Salary by State

As I mentioned above, the salary of a TIG welder can vary depending on the geographical location and cost of living. The below table shows you the average salary of a TIG welder categorized by state.

State Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
Tennessee $45,032 $3,752 $866 $21.65
Hawaii $43,963 $3,663 $845 $21.14
Nevada $43,486 $3,623 $836 $20.91
Massachusetts $43,393 $3,616 $834 $20.86
Minnesota $43,041 $3,586 $827 $20.69
Connecticut $42,752 $3,562 $822 $20.55
Rhode Island $41,715 $3,476 $802 $20.06
Oregon $41,646 $3,470 $800 $20.02
Washington $41,588 $3,465 $799 $19.99
Alaska $41,415 $3,451 $796 $19.91
Wisconsin $41,401 $3,450 $796 $19.90
New York $41,303 $3,441 $794 $19.86
Ohio $40,778 $3,398 $784 $19.60
North Dakota $40,648 $3,387 $781 $19.54
Utah $39,783 $3,315 $765 $19.13
Iowa $39,663 $3,305 $762 $19.07
Maryland $39,487 $3,290 $759 $18.98
New Mexico $39,256 $3,271 $754 $18.87
South Dakota $38,981 $3,248 $749 $18.74
Virginia $38,436 $3,203 $739 $18.48
Idaho $38,294 $3,191 $736 $18.41
New Hampshire $38,227 $3,185 $735 $18.38
California $37,668 $3,139 $724 $18.11
Colorado $37,616 $3,134 $723 $18.08
Kentucky $37,587 $3,132 $722 $18.07
Vermont $37,511 $3,125 $721 $18.03
Delaware $37,236 $3,103 $716 $17.90
Nebraska $37,103 $3,091 $713 $17.84
Kansas $37,077 $3,089 $713 $17.83
South Carolina $36,752 $3,062 $706 $17.67
New Jersey $36,582 $3,048 $703 $17.59
Arizona $36,560 $3,046 $703 $17.58
Mississippi $36,385 $3,032 $699 $17.49
Wyoming $36,233 $3,019 $696 $17.42
Maine $35,777 $2,981 $688 $17.20
Arkansas $35,673 $2,972 $686 $17.15
Oklahoma $35,453 $2,954 $681 $17.05
Indiana $35,301 $2,941 $678 $16.97
Illinois $35,175 $2,931 $676 $16.91
Michigan $35,064 $2,922 $674 $16.86
Montana $34,915 $2,909 $671 $16.79
West Virginia $34,816 $2,901 $669 $16.74
Missouri $34,638 $2,886 $666 $16.65
Louisiana $34,458 $2,871 $662 $16.57
Pennsylvania $33,989 $2,832 $653 $16.34
Texas $33,964 $2,830 $653 $16.33
Alabama $31,846 $2,653 $612 $15.31
North Carolina $30,796 $2,566 $592 $14.81
Florida $29,996 $2,499 $576 $14.42
Georgia $29,298 $2,441 $563 $14.09

The above data is collected from employer postings and third-party sources and might not be 100% accurate. Welders might be earning more or less depending on various factors that can impact their overall income.

Highest Paying Cities for TIG Welders

According to job postings on ZipRecruiter, these are the 10 highest-paying cities for TIG welder jobs:

City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
Sunnyvale, CA $50,889 $4,240 $978 $24.47
Manhattan, NY $49,676 $4,139 $955 $23.88
Livermore, CA $49,581 $4,131 $953 $23.84
Santa Rosa, CA $49,316 $4,109 $948 $23.71
Cambridge, MA $47,887 $3,990 $920 $23.02
Williston, ND $47,291 $3,940 $909 $22.74
Arlington, VA $47,290 $3,940 $909 $22.74
Vacaville, CA $46,869 $3,905 $901 $22.53
New York City, NY $46,860 $3,905 $901 $22.53
Worcester, MA $46,730 $3,894 $898 $22.47


Comparing TIG Welders to Other Welding Professionals

So, is TIG welding really the highest-paying welding profession? Well, yes it is.

Generally speaking, TIG welders can earn a higher salary than those in other welding professions such as MIG welding and stick welding.

That’s because TIG welding requires a higher level of precision and skill and is used in complex and delicate projects.

But that doesn’t mean that a beginner-level TIG welder will be making more than a professional MIG or stick welder. A lot of factors come into play when the overall salaries of TIG and other types of welding professions are compared.

But, it can be safely said that when all the factors are streamlined and then TIG is compared, it is the higher-paying profession in the welding industry.

How to Earn More As A TIG Welder? – Level Up Your Career and Boost Your Earnings

As a TIG welder, you are not limited to a specified income. It is a versatile field where you have lots of opportunities to boost your income and take yourself to the next level.

Here are some tips that can help you level up in the world of TIG welding.

Obtain Relevant Certifications

Earning industry-recognized certifications enables you to show your commitment to professional development and develop a resume that is more attractive to employers.

Additionally, certain certifications may be required for specific jobs or industries which makes them essential for career advancement.

It is a good idea to research certifications that are most relevant to your career goals and obtain them to improve your earning potential.

One such is the AWS certification which enhances your CV and enables you to find better opportunities.

Gain Experience and Improve Skills

Experience and skill, just like I have mentioned before, are critical factors in influencing your income.

Hands-on experience allows you to refine your welding technique and develop a better understanding of the materials and processes involved.

You should look for opportunities to practice and learn from experienced welders in internships or apprenticeships and mentorship programs. There are a lot of skills you can adopt from them and modify for increased productivity and effectiveness.

The more experience and skills you gain, the more valuable you become to potential employers.

Networking and Job Searching

Earning is not all about skill and certification. Establishing professional relationships and networking with various professionals can also open doors to new opportunities. This can significantly help you advance in your career.

You should attend industry events, join online forums and social media groups, and reach out to other welders to expand your network.

Keep an eye out for job listings and always be eager to apply for positions that align with your skills and goals.

Strong networking and strategic planning will always help you find better job offers and higher wages.

Consider Self-Employment

If you want to rise in the world of welding, the entrepreneurial path is the one that will offer you a great way to progress.

You can start your own business and provide services directly to clients or as a subcontractor for other companies.

This path offers you great control over your workload, schedule, and ultimately your earnings. You might start a bit low, but soon you will be earning much more than the salaried welders.

You will need a proper business plan and financial management to make it work. Also, you will have to maintain strong relationships with your clients.

Specialize in a Niche

Another tip that can help you earn more as a TIG welder is specializing in a specific niche or industry.

This will help you stand out from the competition and increase your earning potential. By focusing on a specific niche, you can hone your skills, gain valuable expertise and become a specialist in the area.

Hence, you will be able to cash in much better job opportunities, higher wages, and long-term career growth options.

Improve Your Soft-Skills

While welding skills will help you earn higher wages, it will be difficult if you can’t find a job or manage to stay in one place.

Never ignore the importance of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and time management that can help you work more effectively and develop better relations with your colleagues, supervisors, and clients.

You can improve your soft skills by working on self-development, reading books, taking part in activities, and engaging with your peers.

Stay Up-to-Date with Industry Trends

The welding industry is rapidly evolving and new technological equipment is surfacing every day. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and maintain competitiveness, then you must keep yourself up to date with all the relevant trends.

Try to stay as informed as possible about the latest developments and advancements in TIG welding. Regularly search for updates and read about new equipment that is launched and how they help a welder.

By implementing these strategies and tricks, you will advance as a TIG welder much faster and increase your earning potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can TIG welders make 100k a year?

Yes, it is possible for them. TIG welders who are working in specialized industries or highly skilled professionals with their own businesses can easily earn about $100k a year.

What is the highest TIG welder salary?

The highest salary depends on various factors including the geographical location where the welder resides and works, as well as the specific industry he works in. He can even make around $100k or more per year.

What is the highest-paid welding job?

Underwater welding and nuclear welding can be considered the highest-paid welding jobs in the world. Both of them come with increased risks and require precision and quality of the utmost level.

How much money can you make if you are TIG welding?

The amount of money you can make as a TIG welder greatly varies depending on various factors. In the United States, you can earn $30,000 to $60,000 per year on average, while highly skilled welders can even make $100k a year.

Wrapping Up!

To sum it all up, TIG welding offers excellent growth prospects and is both a rewarding and lucrative career.

As a TIG welder, you can make around $30,000 to $60,000 a year, but the salary can vary depending on various factors.

So, there you have it! TIG welders have a massive earning potential and the profession can lead to both financial success and personal satisfaction.

Yes, various factors impact the salary of a TIG welder, but with dedication, hard work, and enough effort, a TIG welder can make a handsome amount a year and lead himself to a successful life.

Got something on your mind? Drop them in the comments section below and I will get back to you.

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