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Hobart Handler 140 Review 2023 – Why You Should Buy It?

Last updated on November 20th, 2023

Welders always strive to find an amazing welding machine, but due to the high saturation of units in the market, it could be challenging to find the best one. Do you want to add a perfect machine to your garage or shop? If yes, this machine and review is for you.

Hobart Handler 140 Review

We have conducted a Hobart Handler 140 review due to a few reasons such as its affordability, top-line features and specs, excellent results on all metals, ease of operation on standard power outlets, thousands of satisfied customers, a long warranty, and most prominently it’s coming from a well-known brand.

Technical Aspects

Type MIG, Flux Core
Input Voltage 110 Volts
Total Amperes 25A – 140A
Voltage Five Fixed Positions
Duty Cycle 20% @90A
Can Weld Mild, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Wire Feed Rate                     Infinite
Wire Spool Sizes 4-in, 8-in
Wire Thickness 0.024 – 0.035 in.
Spool Gun Option                     No
Wire Feed Speed 40 – 700 ipm
Made in USA
Weight 57 lbs
Warranty 5 Years
Latest Price


Features of Hobart Handler 140

Control Panel

The front panel, often known as the control panel, is highly basic and straightforward to operate. The voltages and wire feed rate can be rapidly adjusted using the two knobs. Beginners and newcomers can make quick adjustments and alterations. Changes on digital displays and screens need the use of fingers, whereas knobs and buttons can be used while wearing gloves.

Wire Feed Mechanism

hobart handler 140 mig unit metal drive mechanism

One thing that impressed me is its wire drive system. It’s completely built with aluminum and quality instruction that is required for smooth welding. Honestly telling you that you can’t find this quality system in even expensive machines of ESAB and Lincoln. You don’t need any tool or wrench to change the roller size, it can be changed with your fingers.

Easy to Use

I can list down dozens of units that are quite difficult to operate even though they are cheaper than it. Many guys and newbies ask, how we can remember the settings for specific welds? You don’t need to remember because it provides an easy-to-read settings chart for all welds with voltage and wire feed rate.

Duty Cycle

Although the duty cycle is good for beginners, but most professionals are not happy with the 20% duty cycle at 90 amperes. Learners can do a lot of practice with this duty cycle.

Five Position Voltages

The five fixed voltages allow users to select the voltage according to metal thickness. These positions also assist to create a stable and smooth arc throughout the weld.

Users Response

The most prominent aspect is its good reputation among the users. You can check the 1100+ positive reviews only on Amazon. It means that people like this old machine instead of huge propaganda against it.

user opinion about hobart handler mig 140


Many don’t believe that how it can offer such quality features at this price bracket. You will be surprised to see the added accessories with it. Moreover, it offers five years warranty on the transformer, three years on the drive system, and a 1-year warranty on mig gun, relays, and contactors. This one-year warranty is reduced to 90 days if used for industrial tasks.

Some Downsides of Hobart 140

Nothing can be perfect, so every unit has some pros and cons. So, we’ve also discusses its flaws in hobart handler 140 review:

Aluminum Welding

Although you can weld aluminum but within a limited range. You can only weld in the range of 16 to 20 gauge. Moreover, the spool gun feature isn’t included in it. So, for a specific limit, it’s preferable but not for different thicknesses.

No DINSE Connectors

Switching the welding process can be tough because it doesn’t have DINSE plugs that make switching easier. Switching from mig to flux-cored welding requires rewiring the entire system. To make this operation quick and simple, it should have DINSE connectors.

Fixed Five Voltages

All of its competitors’ machines, such as the Eastwood MIG 180, offer infinite voltage, whereas the Hobart 140 has been limited to five voltage positions since its launch. The manufacturers should think about it because what users can do if the recommended settings chart doesn’t match the metal thickness?

Five fixed voltages of Hobart handler 140

After much criticism, they have updated Ironman 240 with infinite adjustable voltage and we hope they will also update Hobart 140.

Lack of Advance Features

As it uses an outdated transformer technology, it can’t tolerate the features that are compatible with inverter technology. The latest features such as 2T/4T, tank welding, and inductance control are not included in the unit.


The transformer is the reason for its heavyweight. Hobart claims that it’s “ portable “ but in reality, it’s quite difficult and you need a welding cart for it. As an expert, I suggest them to use IGBT inverters that can reduce 50% of the weight.

Performance & My Experience

Instead of all positives and negatives, the thing that matters most is Performance. I purchased it in June 2019 from Amazon and till now, it’s performing well and I have only changed the mig gun in four years. As it’s heavy, so a welding cart is created for it with the help of this unit.

A welding cart created by Hobart 140 unit

It produces welds with almost zero spatters and all of the welds look pleasant. The selection of gas also matters and one can not use pure Co2 with it because it uses a Miller regulator that’s not compatible with carbon dioxide. Always use the appropriate gas for mig welding. Below you can see my welded piece.

hobart140 mig welding result

What makes it better than other machines in this range?

A few points are reasons behind its widespread popularity.

  • Metal Wire Drive System
  • Quality Construction
  • Unbelievable Positive Buyers’ Feedback
  • Simple Front Panel
  • Affordable Price
  • Best Results on All Metals
  • Five Year Warranty

Best Alternative of Hobart 140

Surprisingly, there are very few units that can replace it, and the Eastwood MIG 180 is one of them. It’s a dual voltage unit with inverter technology that comes with a long range of cutting-edge features. It’s better than Hobart 140 in terms of features and specs, but when it comes to welding results, Hobart is the best.

eastwood mig 180 features and specs


Q1. Can we operate it at 220 volts?

No, it only runs on 110/115 volts and is not designed for the 220V outlets. You can check more 110v mig welders that are far easy to operate.

Q2. Is Hobart a trusted brand?

Yes, Hobart is a fully trusted company as it’s working for the last many years. It’s the leading welding manufacturer company in the USA.

Last Words

Here is the complete Hobart Handler 140 review that will surely help to finalize your decision. It’s the perfect welder for beginners because of low price and simple controls. Despite of many latest features, still it’s a nice welder to use.

Josh Rogers

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