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Everlast PowerTIG 200DV Review 2023 – Why It Is Popular?

Last updated on November 20th, 2023

Without any doubt, currently, Everlast is the best company for producing excellent welding units all over the world. It has launched fantastic machines that have gained much popularity and fame in the past decade due to their outstanding features. Our customers and readers ask about the best everlast TIG welder, so today, I’m here to share the Everlast Powertig 200dv review based on my four years of experience with it.

Dual voltage TIG devices are hard to find these days, especially those that offer affordable pricing, reliability, a lengthy warranty, and efficiency. No other welder, including Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, and Lotos, can surpass this in terms of performance and specifications.

It was first released in early 2013, and the manufacturer upgraded it in 2019 to include some of the most innovative features. Its dimensions are pleasingly compact despite the weight, meaning it doesn’t take up much space in your welding garage.

Everlast PowerTIG 200DV Review

200dv is a high-quality welding gear and delivers quality and reliability, making it suitable for beginners and pros. It has a different fanbase due to its analog line of TIG welders. Instead of the Primeweld TIG 225x, the 200dv can be used with generators rated at 3500 watts or more, making it ideal for outdoor use. Here is a table for a brief intro.



Welding Process TIG, Stick
Input Voltage 120, 240
IGBT Type Individual IGBT
Output Type  AC/DC TIG, DC Stick
AC Frequency  20-260 Hz
Foot Pedal  Standard
TIG Start HF and Lift arc start
Weight  60 Pounds
Generator Supported  Yes
Warranty 3 Years

Everlast PowerTIG 200dv Specifications

This model will fulfill your needs because of the below-listed features.

Design and Handling

everlast powertig 200dv front panel

All of 200dv’s color codes have a unique, robust feel. Colored analog controls are explicitly created for ease of use while working. A digital display shows all the values, play with the front panel for a strong grip on buttons.

You can hook up the torch, gas kit and stick clamp on the bottom of the front panel. The front piece is an impressive element made with stainless steel and delivers full functions. You can not argue the build quality and design.

Dual Voltage

It’s tough to find a perfect dual voltage welder nowadays. The Everlast 200dv can accommodate two types of voltage, 110 and 220v. Dual voltage capability increases the machine’s flexibility and worth. The 110v option allows us to connect the device to any standard outlet, no need to install any special inlet using the adapter.

Although 220v provides more power, it is not recommended for heavy work; it should only be used for light-duty jobs.

AC/DC Capability

Users will get the flexibility of using the machine and can weld aluminum and stainless steel materials. I love its adjustable AC frequency feature with an AC control because it allows us to adjust the voltage parameters according to the type of project.

Welding Performance

Everlast powertig 200dv result

Even though it does not have shielding gas, the pre/post flow option works perfectly for protection shielding gas before and after. To improve the arc performance during stick welding, it uses arc force control to minimize spatter. The pulse feature is its best point that allows users to control the heat in the best way. Moreover, the plus point is, it has both HF and lift arc start.

Here is the result on aluminum metal and these pieces are welded by one of our junior and beginner team member. Although it wasn’t done by an experienced welder, it’s nonetheless good considering its skill level.

Everlast powertig 200dv result on metal before & after

Here is the aluminum intercooler fabricator that’s repaired by an experienced team member and that’s excellent result. The thing that matters most is how you deal with the arc flow, travel speed, and appropriate welder’s settings according to the project type or material.

everlast powertig 200dv - pics before starting welding
everlast powertig 200dv welding result

My Experience

It’s the Everlast Powertig 200dv review, so I’m not going to explain the points written in the product’s manual.

I used 200dv for aluminum welding. I first purchased this machine in 2018 and then bought it after its update in 2019. It’s been used in our lab and in my welding shop. The arc control is probably the best one during aluminum welding. Noise is a drawback for me as the fan runs all the time.

I know you’re worried about the foot pedal; the standard foot pedal works nice and, quickly controls the heat. In short, the welder is perfectly optimized from every angle, it won’t disappoint you.


Powertig 200dv
A Highly Satisfied Buyer
Everlast powertig 200dv
A Beginner is impressed with it!!!

Primeweld Vs Everlast – The Difference

The main difference between primeweld vs everlast is primeweld welders are available at low rates whereas everlast units cost more. In terms of quality results and performance, I will back Primeweld TIG 225x because it gives great outcomes. Both are well-known brands with their unique audience.

What We Like
  • Dual voltage
  • Generator supported
  • Pulse features
  • Arc force control feature
  • Adjustable Ac frequency
  • Simple design
  • Color-coded controls
  • Comes with all accessories
  • Five years warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • Fan constantly runs
  • Small torch or gas lens is required for working at low voltage
  • Many newbies found it difficult to operate
  • A bit pricey

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why are Everlast units famous?

Customer satisfaction is important to every business’s future. Everlast has thousands and thousands of happy consumers, and their good feedback helps the brand grow in the United States and Europe.

Q2. Which one is preferable: Primeweld TIG 225x or PowerTIG 200dv?

Both units are considered the best TIG welder and have excellent features. In terms of specifications, both are equivalent, but 225x is more affordable as compared to 200dv.

Last Words

This was a short Everlast powertig 200dv review, and I have explained my experience. It has a list of specs that other high-end TIG welders lack. If you are looking for commercial or industrial use, forget it, it’s an excellent starter welder for small to medium lightweight commercial projects. Have any questions? Please ask in the comment box; our team will immediately respond to you.

Josh Rogers

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