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Eastwood TIG 200 Review for 2023 | Is updated version Good?

Last updated on November 20th, 2023

Would you like to spend extra hundreds of dollars on a welder after purchasing it? If not, then choose the unit with ultimate care. The Eastwood 200 is a great unit for metal workers and mechanics with many features and versatility. The company was working on redesigning the welder with ultimate features. 

After a long time, Eastwood TIG 200 has been fully revealed by Eastwood in July 2021 – and it packs ferocious specifications, including a rocker-style foot pedal, a flex head torch, and much more. In this Eastwood TIG 200 review, we’ve covered its new update, performance, and specifications.

Eastwood TIG 200 Review

On paper, it beats the Ahp AlphaTIG 200X but it’s facing tough competition from Primeweld TIG 225X. We can, at least, confidently say that Eastwood 200 has outperformed many brands. 


Welder Type TIG & Stick 
Input Voltage 120vAC -240vAC at 50-60Hz
Output Amperage 10-190A
TIG Duty Cycle 60% @ 190A (240V)

60% @ 100A (120V)

Stick Duty Cycle 60% @ 185 A (240V)
60% @ 60 A (120V)
Arc Starting Method High Frequency
Weld Thickness Thin Gauge – 1/4 inch
Foot Pedal Rocker Style
Technology Square Wave
Stick Electrode Holder No
Pulse Mode No
Dimensions (W x H x L) 8.4 in x 17.8 in x 20.2 in
Torch Control Trigger On/Off
4T Option No
Weight 38 Lbs.
Warranty Three Years
What We Like
  • 10-190 amps of current output
  • Generator supported
  • Square wave inverter
  • 60% duty cycle
  • HF start
  • User-friendly layout
  • Capable of stick welding
  • Rocker Style foot pedal
  • Flex-head torch
  • 3 years warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • No pulse mode
  • 4T feature is not included
  • No stick electrode holder
  • Only for medium-level use
  • Only in black color


Key Features

Here are its some amazing specs that help users to achieve good welds.

User-Friendly Layout

Its layout and front panel is straightforward to use. You didn’t need to do a lot of settings. Every function is mentioned with buttons and knobs. Just connect it and use it.  

Updated Foot Pedal

In the old model, it included a push-button style pedal and most workers were unsatisfied. The new pedal is rocker style and it’s much easier to handle, and control and comfort are far better with a new pedal. 


The updated unit includes the flex head torch and in the old model, you just got a standard static torch. The flex head is going to be far superior, it allows you to get as comfortable as possible and gives you the best puddle control. As it’s a 17 series TIG torch, so it accepts the industry standards cups and collets. Moreover, you can adjust the torch tip in tight welding positions. 

Gas Lens Kit

Eastwood Tig 200

You’ll be surprised to read that the torch comes with a gas lens kit. This kit will clean up some shielding gas turbulence as it flows out of the torch rather than flowing through a drilled hole. You will get excellent welds and fewer porosity defects. 

Input Power

Workers often face difficulties in finding a power outlet at work. No worries, you can take this welder around and run the TIG 200 on 120 and 240 volts. The ability to run on dual voltages makes it easy for you to operate it anywhere. 

The main benefit is that it’s a generator-supported welder and you can operate it on 7000W minimum. According to Eastwood, 12000 running watts are perfect. This plenty of options for input make it best for outdoor and indoor work. Here is its bead result on the metal, you can check the smoothness, consistency, and appearance. 

eastwood tig 200 welding & bead result before and after
Smooth and uniform beads

Dual Outputs

Many folks ask why we should prefer dual output welders. The simple answer is that the same output cannot weld all metals. Steel metals require dc output for welding, whereas aluminum can only be welded by ac output. 

Suppose you have a dc welder, how will you weld aluminum or thin metals? Obviously, you will burn the aluminum workpiece with dc output. So, dual output units offer you more versatility in welding. 

It includes square wave inverter for accurate aluminum welding. 

10-190 Amps Current output

Before picking the welder, you must be clear about the projects that you’ll work on. It can be frustrating when a unit can’t deliver the required power to weld a particular metal. 

With this AC/DC unit, you can weld ¼ inch workpiece with a maximum of 190 amps, and it’s enough heat to tackle any thick stuff. 

While welding thin pieces like aluminum, the welder can go down to 10 amps to easily weld thin metals. Remember, this output amperage range only suits medium-sized shops and individuals. 

Duty Cycle

It offers a 60% (190 amps on 240vAC) duty cycle, just like the Ahp 200x. Even high ticket products provide 40-60% duty cycle and sometimes 20%. I highly appreciate Eastwood for providing such spectacular features at this price. 

Low output amperes can increase the unit’s duty cycle but it can overheat it, so avoid it. 

High Frequency Start

high frequency arc start

HF start is usually found in professional and dedicated tig welders. Hf arc start feature initiates the arc without touching the workpiece. A few days ago, I saw a question regarding this on a Q/A forum and many guys were answering that it’s a lift arc start unit. 


It’s only 38 pounds, which makes it easier to move around. The steel handle at the top allows you to pick it easily. 

Pre/Post Gas Flow

For a strong and quality weld, argon gas is an essential part of tig welding. It protects the weld from atmospheric contaminants. You can adjust the starting and ending flow times to properly secure the start and end of the weld without wasting argon gas. 

Stick Welding

In the welding journey, you’ll not be limited to only GTAW welding or MIG welding. Sometimes, you might need stick welding to proceed, so it’s a bonus from the company. Don’t forget to buy an electrode holder because it’s not included in the package. 

Price & Warranty

With these features, Eastwood offers the unit at a reasonable price that everyone can afford. If you only want to buy a dc unit, then check Eastwood TIG 200 DC welder. 

You’ll get 3 years of warranty plus 24 hours of technical support for free. My friend ordered this, and he was pretty unsatisfied with it. He contacted the support team and they returned his money back. Warranty and customer support are helpful for nervous beginners to purchase high-ticket items. 

What are the drawbacks of Eastwood TIG 200?

Every unit comes with a few downsides and here are its few flaws. 

4T Option

4T is helpful in the long run. Press the trigger to start an arc and then release it. When completed, press and release the trigger to stop. When welding with 4T, you don’t have to hold the trigger.

Unfortunately, the unit has only a 2T option so remember that 4T is not included.

Pulse Mode

Few welding methods require an electrical current out that changes in a wave pattern. Thin metals require AC output that shuffles between positive and negative. This form of current is named ‘pulsed’. 

The units with pulse mode allow users to control the wave’s height and width, which helps in better arc control. Pulse eliminates the chances of burning or overheating of thin metals. 

While working on thick metals, better control on waves leads to excellent penetration with thin beads and less heat. The pulsing also helps to clean the weld. Sad to say, it doesn’t have pulse control. Instead, you can use a clearance knob for cleaning the arc. 

Welding Performance

It works really well on metals like stainless steel and aluminum. You can get exceptional gains if you have any experience at all. During welding, a 60 percent duty cycle is really helpful. In short, you’ll get more than what you’re paying for. Here are some of the metals welded by us during inspection and testing.

Small metal pieces welded by experts during eastwood tig 200 review

What Customers say about it?

Must go through the feedback of customers while purchasing the product. It gives an idea about the machine’s performance. 

TIG 200 Review
Satisfied Experienced Client

My Experience

I have been using its old model for a long time but I purchased the updated model in September 2021, the delivery was on time and everything was in good condition. I’ve noticed a lot of improvements after the latest update. From foot pedal to flex head torch, the unit is properly optimized for short and long runs, but I will suggest the company to add a 4T feature to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use Eastwood 200 for industrial purposes?
No, it’s not perfect for high-level or industrial usage. It is unable to weld metals thicker than ¼ inches. You can consider other units for industrial use.
Is Eastwood a trusted brand?
Eastwood has thousands of satisfied and permanent clients of different products and almost every product has more than 90% positive reviews that indicate the reliability and durability of its items.


With these features, it’s equally beneficial for beginners, experts, and weekend enthusiasts. Like the previous unit, this one has good feedback and only a 2% return rate, which is very low in the current market. 

Maybe this machine is not suitable for industrial usage but it’s perfect for your garage and medium-sized shop. Auto restorers, mechanics, DIYers, and framers will find it ideal for their projects. 

I hope that Eastwood TIG 200 review will help you to finalize your decision in a better way. 

Josh Rogers

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