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The 7 Best TIG Welder for Aluminum for 2023

Last updated on November 20th, 2023

The welding machines for aluminum are designed for a new style of welding. These are for welders who need to weld a range of objects quickly and clearly in different conditions. For welding aluminum, heat control is key. TIG welding is the only technique that controls heat and produces excellent welds. If you want a welder that’d not let you down, these are the models you can consider.

The best TIG welder for aluminum must fulfill several factors! We want precise weld, responsiveness, quick start, portability, and stabilization. It’s been tough to complete our final shortlist. We’ve picked out our best aluminum welder available right now. Everyone’s requirements and expectations are different, so check the complete list, we like them for multiple reasons.



Comparison Table for the Best Aluminum TIG Welder


Primeweld TIG 225X


  • Dual voltage
  • Latest technology
  • Precise foot pedal
Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD
  • Dual voltage welder
  • Rocker style pedal
  • Digital display
Everlast PowerTIG 255EXT

Everlast PowerTIG 255EXT
  • Heavy-duty welder
  • Four waveforms
  • Unique functions
Everlast PowerTIG 200DVEverlast PowerTIG 185DV
  • Dual voltage
  • Easy to use
  • Best seller in 2016
Lincoln Electric Squarewave TIG 200Lincoln Squarewave TIG 200
  • Easy controls
  • High level components
  • Great for aluminum
Yeswelder TIG 205 DS

Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC
  • Precise arc control
  • Ideal for auto restorers
  • Recently updated
Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 Sungoldpower Aluminum Welder AC/DC
  • Digital display
  • 4 in 1 welder
  • 60% duty cycle

7 Best TIG Welder for Aluminum Reviewed and Tested

1. Primeweld TIG 225X

Primeweld TIG 225X

Professionals and hobbyists will enjoy the simplicity of the Primeweld 225X with a pulse.  It allows users to adjust the arc quality. From starting the arc to width pulse modulation, you can control every feature of the machine easily. The company has installed advanced inverter technology with PWM in it.

As this unit is trendy, it was the priority to test it on every function, and obviously, aluminum was our priority. Honestly, it is a pure diamond-like product. Below is the precise result of Primeweld 225X on aluminum metal.

Primeweld tig 225x welding result on aluminum

Initially, to check the foot pedal and other functions, I tested it on 16-gauge thin aluminum at 64 amperes, and it performed an excellent job.

Then, on 120 volts at 100 amperes AC welded an aluminum sheet, the result was good overall. With 15 to 20 amperes welded on a few razor blades, the result was acceptable.

Only unit with 90%+ positive reviews on Amazon

Primeweld 225X is a dual voltage variant with a lot of versatility, and the front panel provides an impressive array of customizations. PWM carries out a 10/90 pulse ratio from 10 to 225 amperes which is unbelievable in this price range.

A 200 Hz pulse frequency helps the machine clean the weld puddle using one side of the AC cycle. After many trials, it was noticed that it has a 100% duty cycle at 105-110 amperes. As mentioned in the product guide, it gives a 40% duty cycle at a total power rating.

What We Like
  • HF arc start
  • Excellent foot pedal
  • US standard torch
  • AC/DC compatibility
  • Top-notch accessories
What We Don’t Like
  • Old fashioned design
  • Too many knobs may confuse beginners

It comes with a 3 years warranty with excellent parts and accessories. The included equipment is a super flex cable, US-made CK dinse connector, CK Worldwide 17 Series Super flex TIG Torch with Flex Head, and more. It is hard to find an excellent welding unit at this price level with plenty of features.

The complete Primeweld TIG 225X review can help you to deeply explore the machine with complete details and analysis of its performance.

2. Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD

Weldpro Digital 200GD specifications are unambitious to say the least, specifically in terms of its welding capabilities, but its experimental performance, from arc starting to excellent bead result, make it effective enough to be included in the list of best TIG welder for aluminum.

It is tested on almost every feature and mode, and the overall result was good. Pulse modulation is obligatory for aluminum, but I welded thin aluminum without using pulse on 110V, and it was running smoothly. The picture clearly shows the results.

Weld Quality and Clean Welds by weldpro digital 200gd
Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Result

At 3/8″ thick aluminum for fabricating components, AC adjustability above 50 hertz was unmatchable. In this price range, very few machines have this type of frequency adjustability.

Weldpro 200GD is better than Eastwood 200 in terms of weld quality, according to my experience.

It has a 60% duty cycle at 200 amperes for AC and a 40% duty cycle for DC at 200 amps. The unit grants clean arc start, pulse work is amazing, great on aluminum(AC), nice foot pedal, gas regulator holds pressure after closing a bottle for a few days.

Worth noting is that the unit offers a maximum range of features, which other models have the least at this price. It includes 2T/4T touch control, digital display, HF start, IGBT technology, start amps, end amps, upslope, downslope, adjustable pulse, AC balance, and dedicated foot pedal. The machine is also a fine stick welder as well.

What We Like
  • Smooth stable arc
  • Low price according to specs
  • Flawless welding with thinner materials
  • versatile machine
  • Features according to price
What We Don’t Like
  • Inconsistent gas regulator
  • No lift start option

The challenging aspect of using a TIG welder is understanding how to tune it to do what you want. Please spend some time on it, and you will be an expert. It is probably the most featured packed unit at this price. The company has extended the warranty to 3 years.

Read the complete Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Review here.

3. Everlast PowerTIG 255EXT

Everlast PowerTIG 255EXT

Everlast 255 EXT is one of the very best machine for welding, but these top-level specs don’t come cheap. In terms of operations, the unit is easy to use for experts or skilled persons, a little bit complex for starters but offers extensive adjustments. Everlast TIG welders are known for their amazing specs and performance.

We’ve checked this machine on different metals including steel and aluminum with different settings. Here are the metals that are welded by it and in second image, you can closely check the cleanliness and quality of welds.

All Materials welded by Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT during inspection
Weld Quality and Clean Welds by Everlast 255EXT

First of all we started with welding on an 8″ long aluminum sheet, set the AC frequency to 120 hertz, ac balance at 30%, which means 70% penetration and 30% clean, the result was as expected. The pulse function for aluminum with all waveforms didn’t create any problem.

What makes it different from competitors?

These four points are found in very rare welding machines and those who argue about its price can check this.

  1. The memory function is a brilliant addition and it saves the settings for future work for the same illustration.
  2. The spot weld timer allows you to do a consistent spot during working on steel sheet metal.
  3. Another prominent feature is ‘easy setup’ with three options normal, Ac, and Dc. These options make the unit versatile and offer a lot of customization.
  4. Another essential feature is the purge button, an advanced item in the model. It removes any type of gas or vapors that might be harmful to welding joints.

In terms of features, it has very advanced functions as compared to competitors in the market. The cool thing is that the water cooler hook is right in the back of the machine so, there’s only one button to turn on.

What did we find in this unit?

For more accurate and precise welding of aluminum, the unit has four waveforms: advanced/sine/soft/triangle. You choose your required one. It was observed that the soft square and sine square wave was putting less heat than the advanced & triangle.

What We Like
  • Best in the long run
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Flawless welding on aluminum metals
  • Hf and lift arc start
  • Smooth machine
What We Don’t Like
  • No water cooler
  • Only for experts
  • A bit expensive

Everlast has included two 20 series tig torches with 35 DINSE style connectors and a torch trigger for 2T/4T. Every component is best for its function. The unit has a 5 years warranty plus free technical support.

4. Everlast PowerTIG 185DV

Everlast PowerTIG 185DV

If you’re seriously looking to increase aluminum welding quality, Everlast 185DV will fit the bill. This powerful little unit has all the features that are necessary for doing beautiful welding on aluminum.

The machine allows customers to have complete control over the welding process. If you’re going to start a welding career, keep in mind that this is the best aluminum welder for beginners.

Everlast PowerTIG 185 DV Result

Let’s have a look at the performance. For a project, I made little cubes from aluminum, and it runs very nice overall. Then, we welded 1/8″ thick aluminum coupons, and by high-frequency arc, it was a nice weld and got a good tack. The box shown in picture is created by a novice welder.

A little aluminum cart was made with this unit. At 110v or 220v volts, its results were quite stunning.

What did we find in this welder?

It performs nicely in the short run with perfect and smooth welding, but it gets a little bit hot in the long run. You can handle it by water-cooled unit if you’re planning to do all-day welding. The 185 dv fits the bill for light duty tasks.

For those, who ask about the breaker, If you want to operate it at total output amperes of 120v, you must have the 40-ampere breaker with the heavy wiring.

It was a Best Seller on Amazon in 2016

Some new features are being installed in this variant: automatic pre-flow, IGBT inverter technology, stick function, lift start, smooth and stable arc in AC/DC, 2T/4T function.

What We Like
  • Wide number of features
  • Light and portable
  • Budget friendly
  • Best for hobbyists
What We Don’t Like
  • Tungsten not included
  • Optional foot pedal

This gadget is perfect for hobbyists or weekend welders. It’s quite impressive that the company is selling a featured welder at this price. It is far better than the Miller diversion series.

5. Lincoln Squarewave TIG 200

Lincoln Squarewave TIG 200

Another best TIG welder from Lincoln produces excellent results with aluminum. During the welding test, it welded aluminum coupons nicely, creating good beads. We were impressed by its response to the foot pedal and high-frequency arc start.

Lincoln Electric Squarewave TIG 200 Result

It was tested on 18 gauge aluminum metal at 25-30 amperes with 120 Hz frequency, and AC balance was 73% negative, E3 tungsten electrode was used. We had some spiking, and it is challenging unless you turn down the amperes limit to 5.

It’s difficult to maintain this edge and saves it from melting, it was a stable and clean weld. At 200 amps, the rest of the setting was the same, again a very shining and clean result. 

What separates it from other tig units in the market?

A primary advantage is that buyers can use it anywhere. Because 110 and 220v make it exceptionally portable, you’re not restricted to any specific area. Users can adjust Ac frequency control and Ac balance for more cleaning action. You can take advantage of its advanced functions as your skills grow.


It comes with a flow meter, tig torch, 10 feet hose, and gas regulator. Some attributes are excellent pulses, 10-200 amps range for tig, high-frequency arc starting, TIG/Stick from one source, Dinse lead connector, and more.

What We Like
  • HF arc starting
  • Easy interface
  • Ideal pulse signal system
  • Latest features
  • High grade machine
What We Don’t Like
  • Fixed pre/post flow
  • Short duty cycle

A portable, flexible unit that has brought competition to the market based on its modern features. Lincoln offers 3 years warranty and customer support.

Check complete review of Lincoln Square Wave 200

6. Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC

Eastwood TIG 200 AC-DC

The very best welding unit around is, accordingly, the best TIG welder for aluminum. Recently updated in the mid of 2021. The 120/240 dual input power is a favorite for small shops, fabricators, and hobbyists. It is a heavy-duty welder other than in this range. If you want artsy-craftsy weld, Eastwood TIG 200 can be a perfect choice.

The updated model includes a rocker-style foot pedal, the gas meter is replaced with a high-level flow meter, and the conservative torch is enhanced to flex head torch with a gas lens.

It is a square wave inverter-based unit, which is a high-frequency inverter technology. People want responsive foot pedals with a good angle, which Eastwood has provided according to the user’s expectations in new update.

Eastwood TIG 200 is recently updated in July 2021

Why unit is better than others?

  • Great for autobody work
  • Heat control is amazing
  • Good penetration
  • Easy to adjust

Pulse mode prevents overheating or burning of metal. Instead of pulse mode, it has a ‘clearance’ knob that helps users control the arc’s heat. You can adjust the penetration and cleaning amount.

For our readers who want to check the results of this machine, here are its outcomes and experts can realize this machine’s quality. Even newbies or learners can work with it.

eastwood tig 200 welding result before and after

Why this machine?

This unit comes with a high-frequency start, and you have better arc control. You can easily set the pre and post flows to properly shield the weld without wasting argon gas in this machine. The unit uses only a 2T function, and you can draw attractive beads.

You can operate this welder on a generator, and you need 7200 running watts for this. You can go up to 200 amps with this device, which indicates you can weld 1/4″ thick stock in a single pass, and you can go to 10 amps low. For aluminum welding, you can adjust your desired setting to produce precise and clean welds.

What We Like
  • HF arc start
  • Easy to use
  • Generator supported
  • Good duty cycle
  • Excellent foot pedal
What We Don’t Like
  • 4T option missing
  • No pulse mode

Its straightforward user interface includes a WP-17 style torch, excellent quality adapter cord, and many other things. Expert welders back it, and the company has a very low return rate of the unit that indicates the users’ satisfaction. The company offers three years warranty with full technical assistance.

7. Sungoldpower Aluminum Welder AC/DC

Sungoldpower Aluminum Welder AC-DC

The unit from this brand is specially designed for quality aluminum welding. This powerful inverter is made with the latest IGBT technology. The stated unit is a perfect choice for any kind of steel and metal. 

AC/DC TIG electric current output ranges from 10-200 amperes, and for stick welding, it ranges between 15-180 amps. The unit offers quality welding on cast iron, low hydrogen materials and steel, which are extra features as it only gives top-notch results on aluminum.

The object has a digital display which you can control by a knob. The display allows you to control weld at an expert level from scratch to end.

Pulse mode prevents metal from overheating, and the instrument has a great pulse function. The pulse TIG function allows you to weld thin plates by adjusting the basic current, pulse duty, and pulse frequency.

Metalworkers demand precise welding, and the HF torch hand control and responsive foot pedal provide excellent heat control, resulting in a gleaming and exact weld.

The unit has a 60% duty cycle at full power that’s quite impressive with 85% power efficiency. Some of its features are: start amps, end amps, upslope, downslope, AC balance, VRD function, arc force, anti-stick and many more. Another feature is that both the AC and pulse frequencies can be adjusted.

What We Like
  • Digital control
  • Hf module protection
  • Pulse frequency regulation
  • Budget-friendly
What We Don’t Like
  • Tungsten not included
  • Not fit for high-level projects

Sungoldpower launched this updated and latest machine in 2020. I have never heard any complaints about it, although it is tough to compete with the current models in the market, it is capable of doing so.

Choosing the Best TIG Welder for Aluminum in 2023

Before choosing any TIG unit for home, beginners, or aluminum, remember, some points are necessary in the machine that can satisfy your needs. Some of the important factors are explained in detail below:

Power Output

For aluminum, you need AC output. Some TIG welders give only DC output, although we’ve not enlisted that type of welders, keep this point in mind that you can weld aluminum only with ac output. What is the logic behind this? Because AC’s positive half cycle provides a cleaning action, whereas the negative cycle includes penetration.

Weight and Portability

If you aim to work at the same place, then the machine’s weight does not matter. For outdoor work, lightweight and portable aluminum welders are ideal. Although all the above-listed variants are portable, you know better about your requirement.

Foot Pedal

The foot pedal allows the user to control the heat for accurate welding. It works like a car accelerator, the more you press the more heat will come out. Low-quality pedals can cause discomfort or pain in your foot so, don’t compromise on the quality of a pedal.

Always choose a responsive and dedicated foot pedal.

Digital Display

Some latest models have introduced the feature of the digital screen, and it helps users set the machine configuration quickly. Analog models are easy to use; the digital display is just an extra feature.

Duty Cycle

It is the ratio of the machine’s total running time out of ten minutes. Let’s suppose, a unit continuously runs for 4 minutes and the next 6 minutes are required to cool down the machine, then its duty cycle is 40%. The highest duty cycle is 60%, it’s up to you how much you need.

For professional or industrial-scale work, high-duty cycle welders are fine. For a newcomer, a low duty cycle or even a 20% duty cycle welder is enough. Once you have enough experience, go for high-level welders.

Aluminum is one of the hardest metal to weld.


Insulated gate bipolar transistors is a semiconductor device which is used in inverter welding machines. So, the machine can pick enough current and convert utility power to high voltage and store them in a capacitor bank.

The devices with IGBT technology and square wave inverter technology can handle the increased load of arc welding, and these models are more efficient than the non-inverter-based models.
Beginners should select a welder carefully due to the high price. It needs more care and safety precautions.

Price and Warranty

Aluminum TIG welders are expensive, choose them carefully according to your projects and desired functionalities. For aluminum welding, the price is almost high, but you can find cheap TIG welders.

Every welder from Everlast brand has a 5 years warranty.

So many brands are circulating in the market with different warranty periods. The units with 3 years and 5 years warranty are perfect. The warranty period shows the trust of the manufacturer over the product and its accessories.
Must add the warranty’s expiration date into your account.

Buyer Reviews

For more clarification about welder performance in real life, you may take a better idea from users’ feedback. Go to Amazon and you’ll see the hundreds of reviews related to your desired product.  One can easily analyze which is the best TIG welder for aluminum and performs well out of the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can every TIG welder weld aluminum?
Only those TIG welders which have AC output can weld aluminum.
Is aluminum welding tough?
Yes, because aluminum is sensitive metal and overheating can burn it quickly. So, you need extra care while welding aluminum.
Which is best shielding gas for welding aluminum?
The best shielding gas for welding aluminum is ‘pure argon’. It protects the metal from atmospheric elements and assists in keeping the arc stability.


Overall, it was such a nice experience. Hope so you’ll get benefit from this research and testing. Many people asks about my favorite units for aluminum so, here are my three best TIG welder for aluminum:

Lincoln Electric Squarewave TIG 200 good for lightweight industrial tasks
PrimeWeld TIG 225xbest for experts
Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DCideal for auto restorers

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