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Best 110V MIG Welders – Tested Machines for 2023

Last updated on November 20th, 2023

If you weld light metals and undertake basic welding, you’re generally seeking simple and user-friendly devices. 110 volts units can fulfill your needs in this regard, but on another side, it’s very tough to find these machines. But nothing to worry about, the Weld Empire management has enlisted some best 110v mig welders after days of research.

best 110v mig welder

We second you that there are a number of machines like this, but isn’t it tough to identify the perfect one? Obviously, it is, so we’ve shortlisted these few machines after many experiments and research. Currently, these are the best in the market and complete reviews are explained below.

Bright PICK
Lotos MIG 140 Wire Unit

Lotos MIG 140


  • Easy Setup
  • Recently Updated
  • 2T/4T
Weldpro MIG 200GDsv Inverter Unit

Weldpro MIG 200GDsv
  • Includes Torch
  • 30% Duty Cycle
  • VRD Control
Forney Easy Weld 261

Forney Easy Weld 261
  • Gasless
  • 10 Pounds Spool
  • Portable
Hobart Handler MIG 140

Hobart Handler MIG 140
  • Metal Feed
  • Professional Unit
  • Easy controls
Super Deal Pro MIG 130Super Deal Pro MIG 130
  • Overload Relays
  • Current display
  • Auto hot start


Top 5 Best 110 Volt MIG Welder Reviews in 2023

1. Lotos MIG 140 – #1 Best 110 Volt MIG Welder in 2023

Lotos MIG 140 - Best 110V MIG Welder

Our first recommendation is the most popular among hobbyists and metal workers due to its superior efficiency at low voltages. The setup of this little machine is basic, with rapid settings accessible on the front panel.

lotos mig 140 wire feed mechanism

The model is recently updated with new features such as 2T/4T modes are added, the ground cable connector is installed on the front panel, and the wire feed mechanism is more updated with slight changes. You’ll be surprised by the wire drive’s durability.

The machine is well capable to weld aluminum metals and the wire feeder quality ensures stable and smooth aluminum welding. Remember, you have to use a spool gun with it and it’s not included in the package.

In terms of performance, the unit delivers the same as it promised. You can weld ⅜” steel and mild steel with proper settings and ⅛” aluminum welding is possible with it. We’ve welded several pieces with it to create a tank for the project. We originally bought it in 2019 and till now, it’s working smoothly.

As it’s a mig but flux core welding can also be done without using gas. It even performs better when used with the gas and its performance can be compared with Forney and Lincoln welders.

Some users may not be happy with the 20% duty cycle but most 140-amp units have a duty cycle of 20-35 percent.

What We Like
  • Easy setup
  • Excellent wire drive
  • Can weld aluminum
  • Affordable price range
What We Don’t Like
  • Wire feed didn’t work smoothly sometimes

The 2T/4T function allows you to work with automatic or manual feeding of flux or mig wire. The company provides you perfect warranty plan with complete technical assistance.

2. Weldpro MIG 200GDsv – Runner Up 110V MIG Welder

Weldpro MIG 200GDsv - Runner Up 110V MIG Welder

Weldpro welders are well-known for their high build quality, and the 200GDsv is no different. It’s built with a stylish tone and enables multiple welding processes from a single source. The reason behind its high price is the inclusion of all accessories including gas regulator, mig and tig torch.

The front panel features all controls and specs with easy-to-read two digital displays. Some of its excellent features are overload and high-temperature protection with proper indication, adjustable amperage and wire speed, spool gun function, 2T/4T controls, and DC lift tig feature.

Here is the impressive feature that is VRD ( voltage reduction device ). However, this feature is not fully explained, but we have observed that this feature reduces the voltage amount when the unit is only on. In short, it’s an excellent safety feature.

weldpro mig 200gdsv welding result

From a performance point of view, the unit delivers excellent results, if used with a popper setting. You should use a spool gun for aluminum welding and the included gun is 3-in-1, thus a separate mig gun would be a better option. As it’s a dc tig so, it can’t weld aluminum pieces.

If your projects or tasks are high-level in which constantly welds are required, it’s better to avoid this unit because it has a 30% duty cycle at 200 amperes which is nice for small and medium type welding tasks.

What We Like
  • Excellent design
  • VRD control
  • Inductance feature
  • Ready spool gun
  • Lightweight & Portable
What We Don’t Like
  • Some are unhappy with low duty cycle
  • No foot pedal for tig

The inductance feature has also surprised the users who want more flexibility in the machines. Now, you can control the mig inductance as you want. High inductance means that there will be less spatter and lower inductance means a large bead with more spatter. So, users can quickly control these results.

Moreover, the unit has a three years warranty plus the company provides free technical support to its customers.

3. Forney Easy Weld 261 – Most Reliable 110V MIG Welder

Forney Easy Weld 261

Next on the list is another popular, well-known, and much loved welder with a decent set of features. We discovered during testing that it can weld the thinnest steel sheet metal which makes it great for pipe and auto work.

It’s a gasless unit and uses the flux core wire to provide shielding. The infinite voltage and wire feed speed control allow you to achieve good results. By putting the right kind of workload on it, you’ll be able to achieve more precise results.

The unit works on AC with a 120-volt power source. The duty cycle is 30% and as stated above, the 140-amps units mostly have a 20-35% duty cycle. At 140 amps, the unit will weld ¼” steel metal. Furthermore, the unit can bear 2 & 10 pounds of wire spools.

forney weld 140 fc welder 10 pound roller wire and wire feed mechanism
10 Pound Roller Wire

What makes it better than its competitors in this range?

  • Thousands of positive reviews
  • Build quality

In terms of its results and performance, it gives flawless results on all metals including mild steel and stainless steel. You can’t weld aluminum with it. The adjustable amperage range of 10-140 amps really helps a lot while working. Here is the weld result of our welding on steel metal.

It has a variety of features, but there are several faults that were noticed during testing. It has a plastic wire feed system that is not much strong as compared to a metal drive system. Moreover, Forney hasn’t mentioned the actual wire feed speed. Although, the knob shows values from 1 to 10, but users are unaware of wire inches per minute.

What We Like
  • User-friendly
  • Infinite voltage
  • Positive users feedback
  • Great for weekend hobbyists
  • Portable due to lightweight
What We Don’t Like
  • Gasless unit
  • Plastic wire feed mechanism

It has all the necessary accessories with quality material. The unit comes with one year warranty plus free customer support.

4. Hobart Handler MIG 140 – Best Hobart Handle 110V MIG Welder

Hobart Handler MIG 140

Hobart introduced this model ten years ago and continues to produce it due to its high performance and positive user feedback. This one is the most popular on the list due to its qualities and unique features.

Many customers inquire about the generator’s capabilities. It performs admirably on a generator, which makes it more portable. Moreover, the machine also features thermal overload protection, which automatically shut down the device if it gets too hot.

The three groove system is an impressive feature that saves users time by offering two grooves for solid wires and one for flux-cored wire. Secondly, the unit can work on 4 or 8 inches wire spools. I think these two features demonstrate the machine’s structural quality.

The MIG 140 provides 25-140 amperes power, a good range to weld ¼” steel plate or 24 gauge sheet metal. Those who want to weld aluminum with it, use the spool gun for it.

The five fixed voltages help us to make the arc stable and smooth but at the same time, many users think that it’s an old trend and the company should introduce infinite voltages instead of fixed five positions.

We appreciate the quality construction of the aluminum wire drive mechanism. Doubtlessly, if your wire feed system is not 100%, you’ll not be able to achieve good results. The wire drive mechanism is the key cause for the 120-volt mig welder’s professional performance. You can change the roller wire with your fingers instead of a wrench or any other tool.

Although its 20% at 90A duty cycle doesn’t match its price, still it’s perfect for medium and slight high-level tasks. Here is the welding cart built by this machine.

Hobart Handler 140 MVP mig welder welding result
This is all information you want and these attributes explain why my product delivers it better than and is different from everyone else.
What We Like
  • Aluminum wire drive
  • Simple control panel
  • Three grooves
  • Stable arc
  • Made in USA
  • Three years warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • Fixed voltages
  • 57 pounds
  • Grounding clamp should be better

A welding guide and material thickness gauge will be provided to make your work easier. The MIG 140 has five years warranty and free technical support.

5. Super Deal Pro MIG 130 – Best Budget 110V MIG Welder

Super Deal Pro MIG 130

The mig 130 unit from Super Deal Pro is respected by hobbyists and homeowners nowadays because of its price and nice features as compared to others. It provided excellent precision on steel materials.

Its front panel is pretty simple with three buttons, one knob, and connectors. As it’s also a flux-cored unit, no gas is required for it which makes it an ideal choice for beginners. Check this article best beginner mig welders if you want user-friendly machines.

It uses thermal overload relays to cut off the extra voltages. This protection feature prevents the machine from burning and the built-in fan protects it from overheating.

The amperage range is not very impressive and it’s only 50-120 amperes. The duty cycle at high amps is extremely low, only 10%, and good on lower amperes.

The factors that set it apart from other models are its price, portability, and its perfection for small tasks and duties.

The metal tip at the end of the gun is much better than the copper tip. Metal tip reduces the chances of slag formation, however, after prolonged use, you will see it on the tip.

Don’t use it for high-duty works, it’s the best 110v mig welder for lightweight operations. We’ve used it for repairing purposes with outstanding results. We’ve used it for repairs and are really pleased with the results. One issue we discovered was that the torch trigger didn’t stay responsive after prolonged use.

What do Users say about it?

super deal pro mig 130 user feedback
What We Like
  • Portable
  • Simple controls
  • Waveform technology
  • No gas required
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited to minor tasks
  • Few low-quality accessories

Things to Consider Before Selecting the Best 110V MIG Welder in 2023

To get the most out of your gadget, some of the important features should be in it. Some of those are explained below.

Overload Protection

The safety features in the machine protect it from any damage. This system automatically off the welder when the unit becomes too hot after continuous usage. A machine with additional safety features is always a good choice.

Duty Cycle

Most machines in our list offer a 20-40% duty cycle. A twenty percent is enough if you’re going to weld a car, farm, or any home project. For industrial usage, obviously, a 100% duty cycle is required due to continuous welds.

Transformer or Inverter

No doubt, machines that use transformers offer more duty cycle but in terms of efficiency and stability, inverters are preferable. In short, the transformer is a traditional technology whereas inverters are the latest form with many benefits.

Material Thickness

110-volt welders typically produce 25-140 amperes of power, allowing you to weld 24 gauge metal sheet and 3/8″ steel metal. You can check the chart for more info related to metal thickness.


Lightweight machines offer more portability and make it easy to work outdoors. For heavy devices, you need a welding cart plus other stuff to move it around. So, better to invest in compact machines.

Brand & Feedback

A brand’s value is determined by the product’s performance and quality. Superior welding machines are produced by names like Hobart, Lincoln, Weldpro, and Forney, which have thousands of excellent reviews. This evaluation helps other customers to analyze the product’s performance in real life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there any difference between 110/115/120 voltage?

No, there’s no difference between these voltages. A standard outlet here in the U.S is 120V and 110/115 are variations in the voltage. Welding machines can withstand all these voltages.

Q2. Can 110v welders weld thin steel metal?

Yes, these welders can weld 24 gauge sheet metal and 1/8″ steel plate to a high standard.

Q3. Which is better Hobart or Weldpro?

Both are the best at their level and deliver great stuff in the market. We can’t rate one above, but both have thousands of satisfied customers. Hobart doesn’t make tig welders whereas Weldpro makes the top-class tig units.

Summing Up

We know that you can’t compromise on quality, so all listed machines are perfect. The 140-amps output is common in all 110 volts units. In terms of price, all units are affordable and not very expensive like TIG. Below are the some of recommended best 110v mig welders by us.

We picked the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i because of its price and its expandable features. The unit is a favorite of artists and weekend hobbyists that don’t do continuous welding.

The Hobart Handler MIG 140 perfectly runs at 110 volts with professional and industrial performance. It’s the most featured-packed welder on our list with more than 85% positive customer evaluations.

Weldpro 200 Amp GDsv is another value unit that also works nicely on 220 volts. This welder can be a great choice if you are looking for a versatile or multifunction machine.

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